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Marble Floors need Special Care

KC Tile Restoration has been offering Marble Cleaning, Marble Honing, and Marble Polishing services to residents and businesses of Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin Counties for more than 20 years.

Unlike tile floors, marble floors require a regular maintenance to ensure the luster, shine, quality and clarity of your marble. There are several methods that may need to be performed. One of the most common methods is Diamond Refinishing. Diamond Refinishing is a wet, dust free, sanding method done to remove scratches and bring back the clarity of the stone.

Another approach to cleaning marble is Deep Cleaning, which is used on Saturnia, Travertine and other similar stones. Deep Cleaning consists of a deep scrub with intensive cleaning. According to your preference, we can achieve the proper finish on the floor which can consist of a honed (no shine), medium luster or high gloss finish.

galleryOur Marble Refinishing Services Include:

  • Diamond Refinishing
  • Honing, Polishing, Buffing & Sealing
  • Crack & Chip Repairs
  • Granite Counter Top Polish & Sealing
  • Travertine, Saturnia, Terrazzo
  • Jerusalem, Slate, Limestone, Onyx
  • Other Types of Natural Stones


We Move your Furniture!

We move furniture, area rugs and tables; the only requirement from you is to remove any breakables. Prior to the commencement of any work our technicians will prepare any furniture that is not being moved with plastic wrap. We will mask & plastic wrap the furniture to ensure 100% protection. We also use clean drop cloths and the utmost care is taken to protect any furniture that is not being moved.

We recommend using felt pads under the base or legs on all furniture to preserve the face of your marble floors. Well placed felt pads will protect the marble from damage when the furniture is intentionally or accidentally moved. Remember, we treat your house like it is our own. Once we have completed your job, we want you to carefully inspect the work done by our team. Your satisfaction is our highest priority; the job is complete when we pass your inspection.

Upon completion of your project, we will return your furniture to their original placement. When we leave, the job is done, the floor is clean, and there is nothing left to do but to enjoy beautiful, nice, clean floors. Call us today at 561-440-7661 to learn more about our Marble Cleaning, Marble Honing, and Marble Polishing Services.