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New Homeowners – Seal Your Grout Before it Gets Dirty.


We move furniture, area rugs and tables; the only requirement from you is to remove any breakables. We use clean drop cloths and the utmost care is taken to protect any furniture that is not being moved. Remember, we treat your house like it is our own. Tiles are inspected for cracks, looseness, or hollowness.

Analyzing the Problem of Buckling Tile

Loose, Hollow or Buckling tile can be the result of many different causes. In our opinion these are some of the causes we have found over the years. Keep in mind that a licensed structural engineer is the only one who can truely tell you what the exact cause was to your unique situation.

  • Setttling of your house or hydro-static pressure (which can occur even 10 or 20 years after construction)
  • Improper cleaning of the slab prior to installation
  • Not spreading enough thin set (or mortar) while setting the tile
  • Using the wrong size notched trowel
  • Overspay from painters on the foundation
  • Wicker paper not properly installed
  • Cork underlayment not properly installed
  • Tile butted up to baseboards (not underneath them)
  • Thermal expansion and contraction failure
  • Moisture or water damage

Our Inject-A-Floor system is a dust free, no mess solution where we identify the hollow tiles, drill holes into the grout lines and inject a liquid glue under the floor which rebonds the tile to the foundation. This process is a fraction of the cost of a new floor. If you do not have any extra tile and we can identify other hollow tiles in an inconspicuous area, we can harvest those tiles and use them in the area that needs to be addressed. Buckled tiles can be reused with typically no damage occuring.

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